About Jenny Hainsworth

Jenny Hainsworth is a visual artist, musician and writer living in Victoria, BC, Canada, with absolutely no cats. Sometimes there is a hedgehog, though. True story.

Jenny’s visual art blog, Bright Earth and Paper Moon, can be found at


hi there

hi there


2 thoughts on “About Jenny Hainsworth

  1. Hello, Jenny: I just read your article in ‘AlmostFreeMagazine’ today, in Courtenay. Love by the Potato Oven. I enjoyed the story and it seems to have had a happy ending. Is this story in one of your blogs as well? Is your writing published elsewhere? thanks.

    • Hi Cathy, thanks for writing in! It did have a happy ending — I stayed in Scotland another two years :). I will re-publish Potato Oven on this blog soon, once the readers of Almost Free have had a chance to see it there. I contribute a piece to Almost Free each issue. I’ve been writing more fiction and creative nonfiction these days. I’m working on a collection of short stories and I’ll be shopping for a publisher soon. (And publishers out there who might be interested, hit me up! :)) Take care and thanks for reading!

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